List of Disasters

We have researched some disasters listed below, especially focusing on various actions and facts that people responded in a huge disaster or an accident such as the Great East Japan earthquake, the great Han-shin Awaji earthquake.  Also we focused on what people responded once they get alerted in order to note and propose our views for a government, fire defense headquarters and others to reduce damages by a disaster in the future.     Not to forget a disaster and an accident we should analyze various actions and facts to unveil root causes, back ground factors, and what timely responses are in detail.


Here is the list of name of disasters that our researchers engaged in.

  • Izu-Oshima Kinkai earthquake in 1978
  • Miyagi-ken-oki earthquake in 1978
  • Nihon-kai-chubu earthquake in 1983
  • Ito-oki submarine volcanic eruption in 1989
  • South-west off Hokkaido earthquake in 1993
  • Great Han-shin Awaji earthquake in 1995
  • Torrential rains in the Tokai region in 2000
  • Minamata debris flow disaster in 2003
  • Typhoon 23rd disaster in 2004
  • Noto peninsula earthquake in 2007
  • Niigata-ken Chu-etsu oki earthquake in 2007
  • Iwate-Miyagi inland earthquake in 2008
  • Typhoon 9th disaster in 2009
  • Torrential rains in the Kagoshima Amami-Oshima region in 2010
  • Great East Japan earthquake in 2011
  • Kumamoto earthquake in 2016