Map exercise

It is clear that we can’t improve a quick judgement or a decision making after disaster with an ordinary preventing disaster training.  We propose to execute map exercises and the related training in order to extend participants’ capability of a quick judgement or a decision making.


We provide a role playing method without pre-informed situation and a facilitation role among participants to resolve anticipated issues of disaster.   In our client list you can see the government agencies, local governments, and private companies.  Also you can utilize this method for creating consensus of disaster image, the way of decision making, and reviewing manuals of disaster management.


Plan of map exercise and support its execution


We were in charge of the report ‘Research for manuals of urgent and responsive simulation by regional government’ and ‘Research for map exercises executed in USA’ backed by Fire and Disaster Management Agency.   Also we have engaged in publishing text books for map exercise.

  • Plan and execute quick map exercise (workshop, desk top training)
  • Plan and execute map simulation
  • Support and execute image training
  • Develop ‘Map exercise system’ for the great Han-Shin Awaji memorial center

Development of the method for Map simulation (‘Special program for reducing damage in Metropolitan disaster’ called Dai-Dai-Toku)


We developed the method of map simulation training, which was one of results from ‘Special program for reducing damage in Metropolitan disaster’ called Dai-Dai-Toku. We summarized required steps in order to evaluate a training by a regional government.   In addition, we developed demo software for PC about assumption of situation.


List of major map exercise training


list of major map exercises(japanese)