ICT system for disaster management

We propose where we should go under the circumstances like the rapid evolution of mobile devices in modern society, with information what we require in case of disaster, with information how we process, and with information how we transfer.   Based on these analysis we also design ICT system as required.  ICT system is one of critical tools for us not only to execute damage estimation or urgent responsive actions effectively but also to develop real-time damage estimation method for earthquake or to develop decision making system in disaster, adapted the way how we build disaster management policy and we execute damage estimation for an actual training.


Again it is critical to build/ operate ICT system to collect, process, and transfer information properly for a quick judgement and decision making in disaster.   Therefore we design ICT system for disaster based on our experiences in order to achieve the above requirements as many as possible in addition of suggesting a proper announcement by government agency, communicating media companies and its acceptance by people.

  • the best practice of collecting, transferring, and publishing information in disaster
  • develop real-time damage estimation system/ decision making system in disaster
  • develop supporting system for map exercise

Design and develop ICT system for disaster


We designed the principal concept of ICT system for government agencies and fire departments and developed real-time damage estimation in earthquake and map exercise support system.