Execute damage estimation, build/ assess Disaster Management policy

Damage estimation, what amount we are suffered from a disaster, is executed to improve a specific disaster management program effectively. Scenario damage estimation that we developed is a descriptive chart from the beginning of disaster based on several estimations of our society and resources, which targets earthquakes, volcano eruptions, flooding, and more.


As we developed Scenario damage estimation since the Great Han-Shin Awaji earthquake as a pioneer you can find a similar estimation in various damage estimations. It is adapted to a real-time damage estimation or some manuals described in chronological order. Also we use this method for assessment or evaluation of disaster management program in quantity.


Earthquake damage estimation (Scenario damage estimation)




The list of earthquake damage estimation.

  • Demands for resources estimated in quantity for East Sea earthquake, East-South Sea/ South Sea earthquake, or Tokyo Metropolitan earthquake to support action plans
  • Developing and adapting Scenario earthquake damage estimation
  • Earthquake damage estimation for Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Upgrading the logic of Ministry of Land’s DIS (Disaster Information System)
  • Developing Ministry of Land’s manuals for Scenario damage estimation
  • Developing Scenario earthquake damage estimation for Kanagawa Prefecture; PC program of general earthquake damage estimation
  • Developing scenario for those who can’t come back home in one Metro and seven prefectures
  • Evaluation and analysis of earthquake disaster management program